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 Summoner Chronicles

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PostSubject: Summoner Chronicles   Summoner Chronicles Icon_minitimeFri Nov 03, 2017 8:26 am

Ezra pushed her body, closer to Shadow's, her body pressing against his sends waves of excitement through his body, unlocking the barriers of his mind sending him into a delusion of pleasure and fantasies "Master... MASTER!?" *CLUNK* the sudden impact of heavy metal to the back of the head snapped him out of it. "OWW what what is it? Ezra" he asked. As he looked her over quietly, it was a regular school uniform. Being in the Summoner's Academy, she required clothing that fit the athmosphere, not that it did anything to help his love and devotion for her. "Master, is there something wrong you seem to be staring at me" she questioned looking at him. Seeing the scar she had left recently due to the grueling battle he has had with her. The legend of Shadow was one of the more unique one's, his love and devotion to obtain Ezra drove him to the pinacle of his training. Pushing himself to the brink of self destruction, just to solo Ezra on his own. She was impressed to say the least. She was an oddball herself being labeled as an X unit. She was rejected by the Academy as a unit that could acompany a summoner but Shadow proved them wrong.

In the midst of this prestigeous school, many young scholars enter to attempt and make a name for themselves, among the most notable is a young teen by the name of Grey Luffy his partner Natsu, who are both high ranking officers who go on missions to the disant lands of Grand Gaia to do battle with Hisui, Mordlim and even Mora, though that battle was more for pleasure than actual fighting but that mission and its conclusion is kept under wraps. Grey looked over at the paper work on his desk, letting out a heavy sigh. He moved his hand grabbing a nearby mug full of cofee, he took a sip. It was still warm and refreshing to him, "Boss Boss...!!"Natsu burst through the door in a rush he seemed excited but then again Natsu was excited about anything involving the guild. "What is it Natsu?" He asked in an almost condesnding tone, he knew Natsu tended to be quite a character to deal with which is why he was paired with him. Luffy had. Reputation for being a calm and collected individual, he single handedly clear all the trials for summoners. Not counting XJ and Ezra. Since those were not requirements for his position he skipped them. Looking over to a window, he saw the setting sun night fall was coming and so was he...

He was the stalker in the night, the terror of the evening, the monster to the stories of your children. The man known as Pac, and his unit Galtier, infamous in the underworld and the Summoner Acadmy, gifted in battle and had an eye for talent. Rumors started about him. When he went out one night but never returned, Luffy had investigated the case of his dissapearance only to find, he never really dissapeared. He was found roaming the streets at night by himself with a unit. A shadowy figure that rode a horse. The white eyes and scythe of the unit send fear into the hearts of anyone who was caught roaming the night.

"AHHH!! MOMMY IS HIM!!" At the little girl cries for help when on lookers turned in that one busy street suddenly came to a hault. Flying units descended from the heavens, guards pulle dout their weapons as they surrounded the male shrouded with a black cape. As they approached him, he streteched out his hand. "Run for your life?!?!"the guards lost their will to fight, as the crowd ran in sheer horror. Doors were locked, vehicles of transportation crached causing fires, and alarms to go off. The man known as Pac stood as Galtier got off the horse and stood by him. "Galtier we have had this conversation a 1,000 time let me establish contact, THEN walk out casually AND LEAVE THE HORSE its scaring the people!"he spoke in an annoyed manner. For days if not months they have practiced TRYING to break Galtier social Anxieties but it was to no vail, night in and night out it was all failure.

"It's quite the lonely night to be roaming the streets by yourselves unguarded." A voice came from behind Galtier followe by a clash between Galtiers scythe, and the woman's blade. Sakura blossoms fell from the heavens, and an omnimous feeling filled the athmosphere. Sora stepped out from the shadows, leaving no presence or any sense of a human being by Pac. "What do you want..." he questioned pulling out dual knives from his sheath. The person with a black cloak gave no reply simply tossed a card towards Pac. As he unsheathe his katana. Azami standing behind him as he did.

Pac read the written out card. "The bell tolls for your soul Pac, your time is nigh... -Memekiller.." he spoke his heart skipping a beat almost at the schock of who he was facing.

The legend and Myth known as the meme killer, an individual of unknown origin, his looks, his stats, everything was a mystery, his unit was Azami, a rare woman who wore a kimono and a contract killer from the rumors of the black market. He was a wanted criminal an enemy to all who were pat of the summoner Hall and what it represented. He was there for Pac and Galtier... their fate was held in the hands of this mysterious stranger. "Master Pac.. I will not let harm come to you.."Galtier declared. It sooth Pac's uneasiness enough for him to steel himself for battle.

"MASTER LOOK!" Ezra called as she pointed at people about to fight. "SHUT THE HELL UP!??!YOU GUYS DONT SEE US BYE!!" Shadow grabbed Ezra and ran for his life he had heard the rumors. He went to get High Official Luffy and Natsu.

From a distance on a building a woman watched, she flaoted above the ground on her pumpkin as a seat. "Master... a battle is in progress... shall we go and make them our slaves..?" Beatrix asked cracking her whip along the rooftop.

A man cloacked in a brown cape stood behind her, glowing reddish blades floated around him, as he walked towards Beatrix. "NO... there the perfect distraction for our cause.... come Beatrix we have work to do.. " the cloacked man and Beatrix dissapear into the night.

What will happen on the chapter of Summoner Chronicles stay tuned to fidn out
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Summoner Chronicles
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