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 Raider Chronicles

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PostSubject: Raider Chronicles   Raider Chronicles Icon_minitimeMon Apr 17, 2017 12:35 pm

Raider's Grand Gaia Quest

*sits under a (tree)* Looking up at the night sky, hearing my fellow guild mates argue, "Did Jim start something again" I ask myself as I could hear the sound of crackling fire, and dark clouds of lightning forming in areas that it was mostly impossible to form. The temperature seemed to drop drastically, "Guess whos busy?" The voice of a young girl caught my ears attention. I could feel and see flowers blooming from the trees. "Hey Edea what brings you here?" I asked her as she placed her sword down on the tree I was resting at. I couldn't help but notice her female features *chuckle* "You should stop staring, its not polite to look at a fellow warrior with such lewd eyes" her pink almost crimson eyes looking into my browm eyes, I broke the gaze betweem us. "You must have me confused for someone else."

Edea jumped into the air landed on a branch next to mine, looking up at the sky as well. I could hear the clanging of her armor. As the sound subsided, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the gentle breeze, I could feel the air blow, my nose picked up Edea's aroma. Her filled my senses something about Edea always seemed to be calming to me. "I heard you submitted a form to Summoners Hall... why did you do that?" She asked curiously leaning closer to me her chest plate pushing against my arm. I didnt even bother looking I knew exactly what was going happen if I did.

Opening my eyes, I looked at the heavens above. "I had a dream...." I began to speak softly

Edea giggled a bit at my beginning statement, My eyes narrowed as she turned her head to try and ignore my glares. "Go on.." she encouraged me. I turned my head away to look a the sky again, I could feel her hands wrapping around my arm as she leaned into me. The warmth of her head making contact against my skin. As she leaned into me, loosening her armor I heard her chest plate hit the ground below us. "EDEA!?" I almost fall of the tree as she pulled me closer to her, I could feel her bust against my arm. "Relax, your tense!" "Is this why Loch, Dean, Lorand, follow you around?" I felt a glare as I turned to behold her eyes had turned a full crimsonm red, my eyes scrolled down. Seeing her hand covering her bust, her milky white skin reflected the light of the moon, the shade of red was adorable. I couldn't pry my eyes away from her lips, and stare. Although I could feel my body reacting to hers. "Like I was saying, I.. had a dream"

I try to continue feeling my body heating up. The contact between us was rather interesting, "I was fighting a monster I had never seen before. Its power was incredible, I was about to die and then... then.." I could feel my throat narrow. The words wont leave my mouth, I could feel my heart rate pick up, I could feel my nerves tremble. The image of that dead body made me freeze, that dead stare of a close friend who dies infront of you. I went to move I felt Edea's body come closer to mine. I realized I had almost gone into a void of thoughts. "HEY!!" she pinched my cheek to get my attention. Her naked body was before. "EDEA WHAT IN THE?" Her hand pressed against my lips, stopping me from yelling aloud, the tree had shifted forms, it was now more lush and comfortable than before almost like a bed. She pushed me against a plush leaf that seemed to cup my head, suddenly the moon and outside world seemed to be cut off by a leaf that seemed to cover us for privacy like a huge plastic bubble.

Her lips softly pressed againt mine, I went to push her away, but I felt so relaxed, my own body seemed to betray me. I felt my clothing being stripped from me, she leaned downward, she kissed my neck causing shivers down my spine, almost a moan elicited my mouth. "Have you heard the rumor?....There's a legend, that when people use the rare summon door, the unit that comes out maybe linked to your own destiny.." she explained as she kissed along my chest and then my abs. "You mean, its not just random." Edea leaned upward I could feel her body weight presurring my abs. As she leaned forward, her lips almost touching my own, it seemed my statement had offended her. "Is that how you truly feel." Her crimsom eyes were glistening in that darkness, though I coud barely make out her eyes I coud feel her as if she was a part of me.

"Why are you sad Edea?" I asked her I could feel her sadness, she pushed her breast against my chest, *I feel her body so close to mine, yet why did I feel so empty was it her of was it me?* I asked myself as I suddenly felt myself drifting into a deep sleep, I felt like I was in a deep flame, the fire felt like hell, my skin felt like it was melting of my bones, my nerves bare and scorching. I was growing restless "HELP ME, SOMEONE HELP ME!" I woke up from my sleep almost screaming, I had no recollection, of where I was, I felt a cold wind. My eyes were still dazed, my vision blurred and unclear, I was having a hard time accessing my surroundings. I could hear a girls voice speaking, almost yelling my ears had drowned out the sound as if, the voice was so far away I could not make it out, *Whats wrong with my senses!!* I couldn't come too, suddenly everything went black again. I felt myself losing conciousness again. Suddenly I opened my eyes, I felt a familiar warmth, her body pressed against mine. "You look like you had a nightmare baby" her voice was so soothing. Edea really knew how to work her charms.

I looked up at the sky, I could see the moon in the exact same spot it had been since the moment I fell asleep. I pushed Edea back agains the leaves, hearing the rustle of the wind, the warmth between our bodies. I could feel her so deep within me. "GXRAIDER!!" I shot up I could've sworn I heard someone call me, I looked around almost startled, Edea pushed herself off twards me and flipped us over so she was on top. "Relax your still jumpy dear.. Let me make all your fears go away.." Her whisper was sensual. As she leaned closer and our lips locked together, I could feel a burning desire, I was beggining to sweat suddenly the fire felt abmormal, flames burst around us "RAIDER!!" The fire was spreading. I saw how everything was catching fire, being destroyed by the smoke and flames, I could feel the fire buning my skin, I had to ignore my own injuries, I went to move as suddenly the tree was sliced clearly in half by a flaming axe, seperating Edea and I "Raider!!" She cried, I jumped passed the crumbling tree and debri, and made sure to snatch Edeas body in mid air. As I braced for impact, I barrel rolled while hoding Edea it was not the easiest task, I felt my body awkwardly collide with the ground. I was dazed, I could feel the heat in my head, I was now barely conscious. Edea was dressed in her armor *When did she....* I lose conciousness. I could feel some moistness, drops almost constanly landing on my forehea and streaming down my head. I open my eyes as I slowly regain consciousness. My heart suddenly dropped, I felt my heart skip a beat. Her face was scarred, her once milky white skin was now a brown, burned and marked, she had marking of battle all over her body. She was naked, there was nothing left of her armor. "I'M SORRY, I COULDN'T Protect you... I'm sorry!" She cried as she covered her face from the shame of looking into my eyes, I could feel her thighs against my head, she had laid me there probably for comfort. I could feel a fire burning the pit of my stomach. "Who....who did this.." I asked I needed to know, I felt so enraged, inernaly I felt that fire burning again oh I was furious, whoever did this was not going to get away with it at all.

I could feel the moistness I moved my hand to touched my forehead, I felt shock grip my heart as I saw the red substance in my hands. It was blood her blood. She closed her eyes, suddenly her figure sat slump "Edea.... dont do this to me baby." I got off her lap, I tried to lean forward, but groaned in pained leaning back on her lap and bouncing of it to faceplant on the floor *Coughs* blood rushed out of my mouth I wasn't in good shape either. I could feel my body aching, struggling to muster an energy possible to reach Edea. "Edea" I could hear someones footsteps echoing suddenly I realized Edea and I were in a cave, I did not focus on my surroundings. I tried to pull myself up. I saw the red boot of the perpetrator. I gasped in utter shock.

Her golden blonde hair twisted in long curls, her flaming axes lighted up the darkness, I could se her burning red eyes, I slowly watched as if it was in slow motion. 'They say when a loved one is killed time slows down. I wathed as I tried to pull myself up feeling my arms weight collapse under me. "MICHLLE LISTEN TO ME!!" I yelled to no avail, as she grabbed onto Edeas pink hair and with one clean swipe, Edea's head came clean off her body, causing blood to squirt against the cave walls. I watched as Lodin, Tiara, Duel Gx, Zelban, and Tilith all banded together to hold me down as this was happening grinning to themselves. *I felt myself blacked out again. The void of empty feelings had vanished, there was nothing but despair and hatred they had to pay, they were not going to get away with this!

"He' coming to!" My eyes flew open, as I finally managed to recollect my thoughts, I was leaning against a stone wall, Tiara floated infront of me her back turned "TILITH HE'S AWAKE" she called to her friends. Her memories still fresh in my mind, I could still feel her, the moments we shared together, the ectasy the connection it was all gone. I could feel my emotions slipping. I grabbed Tiara by her hair, and pulled myself up as she slumped over backwards I moved my hands and in one motion grabbed her by her blue jaw and slammed her head against the wall of the cave her body we limp, as she dropped her magical staff which I took into my own hands. "WHAT IN THE HECK HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU!" Tilith growled she was both furious and schocked at my reaction. "I'LL SLAUGHTER YOU ALL!"
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Raider Chronicles
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