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  School chronicles

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PostSubject: School chronicles    School chronicles Icon_minitimeTue Apr 18, 2017 5:14 am

Steps could be heard coming from the crowded hallway, of the auditorium for the high school, of Hanitaba, students were going in groups and crowds, yet one student was alone in her walk with her friends she seemed down and depressed deep in her own thoughts Why? Why didn't he kiss her, he had more than one opportunity, more than one moment, she was throwing herself silently at him and yet he shown no signs of interest, in her, and that alone made her stomach burn with fury and ignite her heart close to a rage "Samantha your powers!?" the girls alerted her as the smell of smoke had begun to surround her along with spark causing her blonde hair to float in the air. "Sorry..." she motioned as the flames and smoke disappeared, it was clear that she was not entirely there. Looking around the auditorium students had gathered, as from other schools for this unique celebration

Teacher's, Principals, Faculties and staff gathered together from other schools to be part of this tournament in which freshmen or transfer students displayed their power in hopes to be accepted into the school. She knew Sean was a transfer student of sorts, recommended by the principal himself. Her green eyes observed, as on stage was a bed and their lied Sean, he seemed to be in a sleeping state, the machine was hooked up to a giant wall to wall screen that would display thoughts and memories of the subject who was wearing the helmet. Normally this was done as a prank against new students in this case Sean.

Students took their seats, Samantha quietly sat fixing her skirt, her heart was in her throat heart beat heart beat why did she feel so uneasy, what was wrong with her, was something going to happen to her or to Sean. She wanted her question answered all the chatter among students and the clamor seemed to fade as the announcer took the stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our annual Festivity, where we portray the life of one person or the other for everyone to see, today we have a transfer student by the name of Sean Smith A few claps could be heard before he continued We have specifically chosen a treat, let me tell you, it was hard getting this memory to work, it took quite a few days now we have not seen it for ourselves. we will be just as shocked as you are, but we do have a title is called "Can't forget you, even if I tried" the screen began to glow as the lights dimmed

The light of thunder flashed in the dark sky above, as the clouds released the raindrops that fell from the heavens onto the city below, in combination with the howling wind, culminating in a elegant sound to the ears, as the chaos ensued during this storm. A man stood erect, as he faced his opponent, his skin colored almost blending into the darkness of the very room he stood, the air was thick, the atmosphere was heavy. the room bearing a huge hole in its center that penetrated from the cement ceiling and pierced the floor beneath, leaving a mixture of concrete, wood and rain. Breathing in and out slowly, the young man accessed his surroundings, knowing his enemy was right in front of him, a man who was once his rival a man, he respected him as his equal, yet in their conquest as individuals it was not enough! The gap between them had to grow bigger, wider and deeper, it has finally happened at the cost of the life of his former lover, Sean has taken the step which he used to fear, a step that he knew would plunge him into darkness, remembering those final moments as he stood there closing his eyes one last time and reliving that moment he empowered himself. His anger had reached its peak, he couldn't hold back any longer then man that stood before was no longer his rival, he was no longer considered a man he respected. they both knew this. Their bodies motioned forward, as their screams were heard even in this mighty storm. Both the forward jab that collided with one another's fist as their bodies floated above the huge gap that was between them. Gravity began to take effect as their bodies were slowly going into the void beneath them. Those words that John spoke to him were vivid in his mind. "SO WHATS YOUR ANSWER?" He demanded standing on the other side of the gap that was between them, Sean dipped his hand into the blood of his lover that laid on the ground beside him. As John began to speak. "From now on we are no longer rivals, no longer tied by our bonds of respect and love. I killed the women you loved to help you understand just how far I'M WILLING TO GO FOR THIS!!!! WE WILL PLUNGE DEEPER FROM NOW ON........WE WILL BE" Sean finished writing the sentence on the room walls in the blood of his lover one word to describe everything he felt at that one moment. "EACH OTHERS "NEMESIS!!" Looking over her blonde hair and eyes, she dies with her eyes open, looking up into the heavens, gasp and screams were heard from the crowd. They were shocked as much as the announcer was. People leaned out of their chairs to get a good look, Samantha never in her wildest dreams believed Sean had ever loved anyone but now she knew why, he did not show affection he already loved someone else. Sean did ot speak anything as the floor cracked beneath them, lightning flashed right between them as the landed on the cement floor. Leaving Jessica's body. John pulled out a sword made of fire from his hands, Sean made a ice katana from the water on the floor. There were no words between nothing that could be said to justify the murder that just happened. "You Should see your face right now, you look like a true killer a man worthy of becoming the best there is, I told you might controls everything and without it you cannot protect anything.. that includes your worthless girlfriend" At those words Sean snarled something happened as the swords clashed memories began to flood his mind, of moments shared and spent with her, by the time the memories finished, Sean was injured and hurt, he could barely walk, he was somewhere in the mountains in an area he never knew. He walked as he looked to the distance remembering how he killed John. a single tear escaped hi, as the camera was now in turned person, you could see the suffering in his eyes, the blood of his lover all over him, as he continued to walk and almost fainted, "Are you okay?" a voice came to his ears, as he turned and laid eyes on Samantha, before losing consciousness.

Samantha was quiet choked out for words, girls stared at her, she couldn't answer as people made some comments, ad the movie ended, the lights wer brightened up again the announcer without words no speaking a single one, just looking to see, who would bail him out never would he have guessed that this particular teenager would suffere so much, as to witness the person he love die. the most he could do is apologize "I'm sorry....... I... I...." he couldn't speak as he covered his mouth with his hand, taking a few breaths trying to calm his heart.

Samantha had tears in her eyes, she had seen his face like that when they first met, actually over the passed month of them hanging together, hisnface had changed but to witness his sufferings it touched her heart, she was sympathizing with him. Getting to her feet, she jumped off from her chair at a high place in the auditorium, as flipped in the air, rotating she knew she was 'flashing' her panties to everyone in the auditorium guys exclaimed and cheered, as girls cheered for her as well "GO GET HIM SAMANTHA!" she made contact on the stage as she landed. The announcer seemed happy, to see someone step up in his ability to talk. She began to step forward, then she stopped dead in her tracks. Sean's eyes were open yet he did not seem conscious, as he had folded over and was crying he could feel his pain resurging. "Shit......If" The announcer slowly back up. very slowly. Sean heard his voice. Sean had a mic placed on him as well, it was part of the idea to get the persons first impression. His sobs could be heard he was truly suffering for a moment, closing his eyes as he stood up to look up in the sky as if he was enjoying the rain, his ice blade appeared in his hand. as it began to get cold and the athmosphere shifted becoming cold, and it began to snow as clouds had developed in the auditorium. "What is this.." Samamtha question as fire surrounded her. Sean's eyes settled on the flame, that had appeared around her, his gaze had changed his eyes narrowed to focus on just her there was nothing else around them. He turned and took a fighting pose, "I loved Jessica with everything I had.... and you took her away from me. All to prove that you were willing to throw everything away..."

Samantha was at a loss for words that look in his eyes, was she going to have to defend herself from him? She shook her head as she made 2 smaller blades appear in her hands as fire surrounded her. People cheered as they were about to witness a fight, the principal of Hanitaba leaned as he was interested in him. Keeping guards in alert he signaled some faculty to be at the ready.

Samantha shook her head becoming serious allowing her emotions to fade and focusing on her opponent infront of her. "I respected you as my equal and my greatest rival... but that wasn't enough...." He moved a hand with a slight wave, blood hit the wall forming the word 'NEMESIS' No more words were spoken as he charged at her, full speed, Samantha prepared herself, using both blades she blocked the thrust but the sheer force sent her flying towards the wall of the auditorium. Students yelled, as she flew rotated, and put her legs out, she landed on the wall, the mere force of the hit gave her some wall time. "Your slow...*" Seans words came from behind her. She felt a cold chill rundown her spine, she used fire to surround her for a second into a mighty blaze that encircled her. Sean had a hand stretchef out, and thrusted at her. she leaped out of the way, back to the show stage. Sean was still on the wall, there was ice on the wall. Girls and Guys exclaimed at the look in his eyes. he was pissed off but the fact that he wasnt fully there was evident. "How?! my blades fire can reach 300,000°C!?" she exclaimed. Sean scoffed, "You think I didn't anticipate this battle.. I trained against molten magma dominating every volcano I could find..... I respected you enough to give you my best.. but now.. You'll be nothing but another corpse just like Jessica!" he growled dissapearing, Samantha turned around, knowing was behind her, she empowered her blade to become magma, Sean caught the blade with his bare hand, as it was releasing smoke, suddenly what seemed to be a jaw wrapped around the blade and the face of a lion was clear, with a mighty roar she was blasted back. As a Ice Lionbnow floated above Sean. "A manifest..." Sean was clearly on a different level, it was clear that the opponent he fought made him strong, but then again so was she. A magma dragon began to hover, above Samantha "Fine if youre taking me seriously. I'm taking you seriously*"

"This isn't about being serious...This is a fight for your life. A death match one of us will die and one of us will live as simple as that.. in the end, This was bound to happen.. we will finish this, in one blow no need to drag out this fight.." he made a sheathe of ice and put his blade inside and began to slowly approach, her. Sean was going to finish her, Samantha closed her eyes, "GO SAMANTHA CLAIM YOUR MAN BABY!" Her mother cheered, she was in the background somewhere. So was her father, people began to cheer, for her to fight and claim her love. The auditorium began to get filled with cries of the students cheering rooting for her. This battle was now a battle of love. "I WILL DEFEAT YOU FOR THE SAKE OF OUR LOVE!" she declared as the snow began to fade, and the clouds surrounded Sean and vanished as did the ice lion this was clearly a one hit death attack.

As the flame dragon dissapeared into her, she brought her sword to her side, and pointed at him in a thrusting position. This is it she told herself, as she charged at him. in an instant both their swords clashed causing light to glow from it. Shattering metals could be heard, as the light cleared. A pin vould be dropped and heard everywhere, gasped were heard as the smoke cleared and Sean was standing his sword still intact. "That was a good attempt but this is the end!" he slowly walked over raising the blade. Samamtha smiled. she had blood coming out of her mouth. she coughed up blood. "I LOVE YOU SEAN SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!"*She screamed at the top of her lungs, suddenly Sean felt something snap and begin to shatter as he regained consciousness. He found himself standing over Samantha "Samantha, what happened are you okay?"* he spoke as he leaned down to chekc her.

he checked her to make sure she was okay. Moving hand he inserted some water into her and began healing her wounds. "WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!" people stood up at the auditorium and clapped their hands as he took her into his arms smilling as he did, he was happy.
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School chronicles
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