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 The interview

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PostSubject: The interview   The interview Icon_minitimeSat Dec 23, 2017 11:57 pm

Disclaimer:Rachnera, and Headmistress Blackfire do not belong to me, they are from other accounts, also thank you to “its Blackfire and Rachnera” for allowing me to mention and use to some degree the characters to form this story. It is an application as well. It has taken me 10 hours to write and plot. Thank you to all who take the time to read it. RT and like.

Mitsuki was standing before her own reflection, making sure the black dress hugged her hips properly, she knew sex appeal was not the reason for the position, much less a determining factor, at least not until the actual job. Pink Valley High had been advertised as the top school in the country for lewd people. Mitsuki herself already was an accomplished model, an electrical engineer and already graduated college by the age of 25 a respected authority in her field. She gave herself a final glance before looking at the figure standing by the mirror her adopted baby brother who was now 18, his green eyes seemed to be dazed, like he was in a trance, his facial expression reflected the inner turmoil and conflict he felt at that moment. Mitsuki has always had a soft spot for her brother. Probably her only weakness in this world, she slowly walked towards her baby brother. Her hair done straight, she fixed the jacket slightly, looking over to her black shoes and her simple black pocketbook. Her gorgeous white skin was refreshed from a moisture rising cream she had put on. She avoided the make up, minus some black eye liner at most.

Sean was trembling, he truly was afraid of the woman that was before him. She raised her right hand, her fingers gently caressing his cheek, he locked eyes with hers. That gleam in her eyes was there. That dammed glow that he now fully understood what it was. She leaned forward and whispered something in his ear. Sean’s body shook as if he had been shot. He slowly collapse trembling afraid “HANADE!?!?” He cried out in desperation, he needed some sort of comfort. Anyone to help him, he was on the ground with tears streaming down his eyes. Mitsuki purposely raised her leg and walked over her bother but did not step on him, making sure he got a full view of her panties and her body.

Taking her leave she went towards her car, passing by Hanade. She was dressed in some shorts and a top that hugged her big cleavage. “What... “ she went to ask but she stopped dead in her tracks seeing her older sister, she had the look “Mitsuki tell me you didn’t...” Mitsuki pressed the button to her keys and unlocked her car. “I didn't” she replied shortly as she got inside the car, putting her keys in the ignition and turning it on. Putting it in drive, she took one last glance at Hanade “Go pick up the pieces... for the first time... he wants you to comfort him..” she spoke her face showed a sign of jealousy. Mitsuki was not okay with Hanade comforting their baby brother. Sighing she focused her mind on her current task at hand an interview with Miss Blackfire. Mitsuki was punctual not wanting to be late she was going to arrive nice and early, she had a lot to think about on her way to the interview.

Looking around the campus she smiled as she entered click clack her shoes went, as she continued to walk studying the atmosphere of the place. “Big.... I like it..” she complimented as she continued to walk her way through the cement pavement path. “Hello and welcome to Pink Valley High” a young girls voice greeted from a large wooden door. “The headmistress is expecting you.” The young blonde greeted she fidgeted slightly, she seemed to be staring at Mitsuki, gently she patted the young girl’s head as she walked by, humming to herself as she strolled along the halls looking to the doors, the design of the windows, the glass panes decorations that depicted bondage, restraint, yet authority and power. *I can get used to a place like this* the lovely balance of this place, truly she knew what she wanted this place could help her achieve her own personal goal.

Coming to the door with the words Headmistress Office written on them she paused, taking a small breath of air before knocking, her left hand touched the knob of the door and turned it, the door slowly opened forward, she calmly entered the room, she was confident in her presentation, but her true hope was she could connect with the headmistress. That she could help her achieve her vision for the future. “Good afternoon Headmistress, I thank you for taking the time to see me today. I greatly appreciate this opportunity” she commented, as the woman before her motioned from the desk, to the chair next to her. “Please it is a pleasure to meet you, Hajime Mitsuki, I have been quite interested in knowing why would a woman such as yourself want to come to this school? After all, your reputation is at stake.” Headmistress brought her hands to her chin and shaped a small bridge to hold her head up while she spoke.

Mitsuki smiled, that was certainly a question most of her own coworkers even her family had asked her countless times, while would she trade he current position as a model and engineer leading the field to come and be part of a lewd school for such things as training students in such deviant arts. She herself had already answered that question inside her own resolve, the only other person who knew the answer was her baby brother. “ To be honest with you, Headmistress, my occupation as an engineer and as a model. Is nothing more than a mere facade.” Mitsuki began to explain “I am more personal interest in the psyche of an individual...” Headmistress nodded “If psyche is your interest then there are more schools that can better suit, psychological analysis of individuals.” She responded in a calm manner smiling at Mitsuki, Headmistress studied the woman’s disposition, her jet black hair, the way her eyes made direct contact with her own. This woman was confident that was good quality in a teacher.

“I fully understand, but that’s not the type of psyche, I was referring too. I enjoy breaking a humans physical limits, every orgasm, every smack with a implement, every position, the look of their face, their body language, the reason why I became an engineer, is because I design sex toy, for factories in the black market, toys that make girls into cum sluts. Boys into beggars of pleasure, that alone is enough to satisfy my views, when you dominate another human being, to test the merit of their words against circumstances is important.”

Headmistress was taken aback slightly by this woman’s speech, “ You have given this a lot of thought.. please go on” she opened the floor for her to tell her full story. “ Thank you. The truth is, the one thing these students will always have 1 constant challenge that will never change no matter how much training they do, there will always be a demand, a demand to push further, a demand to strive, a demand to perform, but I am not referring to regular performance... I am talking about when your body quits, when your mind shuts down, when your spirit gives out... Yet the other individual still wants more, I know the cases are rare and far in between, but ensuring that these students will not be destroyed by these challenges, should be an essential part of their curriculum... I am sure you prepare your students well. I have seen your reputation.” Mitsuki shifted slightly in her chair.

“I just want to take a MORE direct and customizable approach, I have many machines, and methods to push the body to its limits with orgasms and collar among other equipment, but what I do not have is a broad base of people, this is the only school we’re such students who would have these interest gather, but if I was to be able to establish a relationship with these young adults and push them, just a little bit further, the feeling of satisfaction that enveloped you for the few seconds you feel like you succeeded is irreplaceable. I want to give these children that.” Her eyes had a glow about them, something ominous.

The headmistress understood her angle completely, it was a good idea, and with some added supervision in the department things could start looking up. “If you don’t mind telling me about your background a bit, I wish to know you more... I know your goal, now please share with me, your background, something recent” Mitsuki was not shocked but she thought carefully, closing her eyes and thinking of what to talk about. “If I may make a request?... before I start” Headmistress nodded “Can we keep what I am about to tell you between us?” Mitsuki’s eyes narrowed, she was serious, to which the headmistress nodded her head.

Mitsuki took a breath as she recalled her day prior to Sean discovering her secret. “It all started yesterday....”


“Sean it’s time to get up~” Mitsuki sweetly sung his name as she entered his room, normally she would knock but this was not that kind of morning. She sniffed, the atmosphere, there was a slight scent it was sour, “Did he masturbate...” it was faint but she could smell it. She looked around the room, picking up the teens boxers from the floor, feeling the fabric that seemed dry, but then she came across the moist spot.

The creaking of a door opening was heard, as Sean came out of the bathroom, wearing a towel around his waist. He looked the room, as he saw his blankets all over the floor. He stopped as he saw Mitsuki’s fingers fiddling with his boxers “Mitsuki nee,” he exclaimed a she tried to swipe them from her, she moved her hand, and flicked his forehead, his body motioned backwards, rubbing the spot she flicked. She smiled at her brother, “Next time you do your business, clean up after yourself.. I maybe be your older sister, I am still a lady..” she spoke in a softly stern manner, Sean was mouthing the words she said, he had heard this speech many times. She just happened to catch him slipping up. “ yes Mitsuki nee” he responded a little annoyed as he dropped his towel and walked naked in front of Mitsuki, she blushed her face was flushed, “ SEAN!” *SMACK* she spanked his right cheek harshly leaving her handprint, she smiled seeing it on his bare skin.

-“Your brother is a nudist? He will fit right in!”-
-Not at all, he is just proud of his body..-

Sean grabbed some underwear and quickly put them on, before Mitsuki became upset at him. He smiled mischievously, that sinister little grin he had. She smiled shacking her head, a red haired guy stood at the door, he seemed troubled “Mistre- I mean Mitsuki, hey..” he called her. Mitsuki closed her eyes and turned her full attention to the man, her eyes narrow, that quiet death stare Mitsuki had, the guy immediately assumed a groveling position. Sean was watching this whole scene quietly. He walked over and touched Mitsuki’s shoulder, as she heard his footsteps she changed her demeanor before Sean witnessed a side of her, he has never seen before. She closed her eyes and gave him a fake but convincing wide smile. “I swear your boyfriend gets weirder and weirder, what happened to that other guy you were dating?” He asked while walking passed Mitsuki, going into his drawer, pulling some shorts and a shirt, and putting them on. Sean was dressed to be around the house, he walked out his door passed the guy, Mitsuki shadowed Sean to the door, to make sure he was not in listening range. Sean grabbed his cell phone from the counter, and his headset and sat down to use his phone.

Mitsuki carefully waited, as soon as she saw Sean started to bop his head to the music. She turned her attention to the groveling man, She took 2 steps towards him, John could feel the stare Mitsuki had been looking at him with, he began to whimper, his heart began to race, his palms began to sweat, as she heard her foot tap on the ground, he swallowed. “I can., E-e-e-plain...” Mitsuki stopped tapping her foot, John slowly stood up, as he did, there was a clear stain streak on his jeans, he had urinated on himself, his body trembled, Mitsuki cold stare as she looked at him, she pulled out a remote, and pressed a button. She reached out with her hand and touched his chin, he opened his mouth in response to her touch, the she grabbed his tongue. “ you have a loose tongue... we will need to fix that” she spoke as she quietly took him to the staircase to the basement and proceeded into the darkness of her own personal quarters.

-“Somebody is in trouble~”- Blackfire commented flipping her hair, her eyes sparkling she was interested to hear what happened
-“Trouble is an under statement, I rarely allow any person to get under my skin... but if Sean found out about my hobbies oh no, we can’t have that. I was creative with his punishment... a little too creative... I was slightly out of character ”- she spoke slightly ashamed of herself
-“your brother truly is your only weakness... so what did you do?”- She curiously questioned

Slowly they took, a few steps down the stairs, the house seemed to vanish as a hidden staircase had revealed itself in one of the floor panels, a decent into hell as some of her boyfriends called it. Mitsuki the black devil, was the nickname John had given her. Mitsuki’s room was meticulously organized, every shelf and item in its proper place, all her belongings had a place in her room, she did not have a t.v. in her room per say, she had other means of entertainment.

Sean was in the living room listening to music, he stood up as he felt the presence of people missing, listening to some rock music. He took the ear buds off, he began to hear screams, cries for help. “Mitsuki nee!.. Hanade!” He called as he could hear some faint cries, it was a man’s cry. He slowly walked into the kitchen following the sounds,
Sean knelt down, leaning forward he placed his ear to the floor, “HELP MEE!!!!!” Sean leaned back from the floor, “what the fu...” he spoke, his heart was starting to beat faster, no he had to have heard wrong, there was a person crying for help coming from the basement. He stood up picking up his cell phone from the ground by him. He began to dial 9-1-1. “Hello yes... I have an emergency.” Sean began to explain to the operator the situation, which she patched him through to the local authorities.

In one of the many chambers Mitsuki had built with the help of her younger sister Hanade, design for sexual exploration, as Mitsuki would call it. A room decorated with stainless steel tiles along the walls, and floor, almost like a mirror, from the ceiling hung, several round pipes, that were intertwined like Octopus tentacles, One of Mitsuki’s creations, a 8 armed robot for restraining individuals, the 3 metal claws at the tip, were inter changeable endings, to allow flexibility of testing and such, it directly hovered a medical bed, that was in the center of the room, along side of it, was. A table and a glass cabinet, with metal door, chemical bottles were inside, she developed ointment and creams that stimulated the bodies of her “subject” some were even drinkable liquids taken from arachnids, Like Rachnera, a spider woman, whom she paid a visit once for her valuable venom that affected the human nervous system, something she needed to subdue her more panicked and emotionally unstable boyfriends, well play things.

She was in the middle of silencing her boyfriend #25 “I’m sorry Ma’am” he cried out, as the machine had John, a 5’9 man, toned body frame, he was skinny, light skinned gentleman in his early 30’s, he was folded against his will by the machine, his legsspread eagle on the table, the other 5 holding him tightly against the medical bed. His anus was being expanded by a claw shaped likes branding ring, that went into someone rear pipe, and then began to expand up to 10 inches width length, then it would move deeper, into the body. Right now she was holding it, at 2 inches wides and was working her way up to 3. John was crying bloody murder, his cries went into Mitsuki’s ears, usually she enjoyed someone’s cries of agony.

As of right now she was not happy or even enjoying herself, she was for a rare occasion as it was, absolutely livid. Her phone began to ring. She looked at it, thinking it was Sean, reading the number “Sissy #1” she spoke, as she arose from her chair, and turned off the machine in the room along with the light switch. “Hello. This is Mitsuki, speak....” her tone cold, as she was not at all happy. “Hello Ma’am, as you requested any 9-1-1 calls made from your home are reported to you first...Your little brother called 9-1-1” Mitsuki’s heart skipped a beat * why would he call 9-1-1?* she questioned in her mind, her eyes shifting through the steel plated hallway, a staircase at the end of the hall. “So what did he say?” She spoke in a demanding tone. “Your brother said, he heard cries coming from his basement, of someone crying for help” at those words, her eyebrow actually twitched, she could not remember the last time her eye brow twitched from rage. “Understood I will see to it personally” she hung up the line, and began to make her way upstairs, through the staircase.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down, she breathed in through her nose and out her mouth. “Mitsuki nee!” Mitsuki’s heard Sean’s cries he sounded panicked, she knew he would, walking out of her room, she pressed the button hidden as a regular clothes button that dangled by her light switch. Taking a few steps into the hallway, she walked towards her brother who was pacing back and forth, “Sean what’s the matter?” She called in a calm voice, he turned his head as he walked over to her. “ Mitsuki nee, there was a guy screaming. For help.” She opened her arms and brought him close to her “ big sister is here don’t worry, I promise there’s nothing to worry about.”

Sean shook his head, he was shaken by the cries, he couldn’t cope with thing like this easily. “Calm down.. breathe in and out... that’s it..” Mitsuki instructed as Sean did as she requested and he became calm. That glimmer in her eye appeared once again, Sean looked up a she observed that look in her eyes once more. “Sis your doing it again.” He spoke as she gasped a bit, “sorry, I do that at times...” she commented, as she walked outside as Sean moved with her while hugging her. “I need some fresh air.” She spoke as she took a seat on their porch looking over the Mountain View of the city in the distance. Sean smiled, as she seemed to be relaxing as the wind blew passed Mitsuki’s hair, she smelled like strawberries, her shorts wrapped around neatly squeezing her butt cheeks, defining them, Sean was staring at her black thong that was sticking out as she was leaning forward.

He could not pry his eyes away from her, she was always there for him. “ sis, I need to get my books, I’ll be right back.” Sean took his leave and went into his room, looking over his books, “I’m missing one.... Mitsuki nee, must have borrowed it.” He confirmed as he took his leave and went into her room, instead of pulling the light switch, he pressed the button on accident. The floor tile moved and slid revealing a staircase. Sean paused as he noticed this, a secret staircase to the basement.

Mitsuki was outside taking a small break, today had begun to actual become stressful for her, looking over to the living room, behind her she looked closely at the her own reflection “You have seen better days girl, don’t let it get you down...” she encouraged herself. “Mitsuki..hey, how are you?” Hanade greeted, wearing a somewhat tight top, and some red shorts, they were direct opposite physically, she had big breast, and a tomboyish attitude, Mitsuki was more sweet and had a bigger ass, Hanade was flat butted. Sean seemed to prefer big butted girls, so as long as he stare at her so intently, it was okay for her. “What’s been going on? You seem stressed”. Mitsuki nodded, she was stressed very much so. “Sean almost found out about it...” Hanade’s eyes widened and she walked over sitting next to her sister.

Sean slowly looked around the room, seeing the staircase out of place, the ominous air coming from it, his own curiosity killing him to take that staircase. Sean slowly made his way to the staircase, as he did and the darkness slowly cleared as motion detection lights went off, and began lighting the underground facility his sisters had built. A fact he was obviously was not aware off. Screams and moans filled the metallic hallways, the noise was sending waves of maliciousness through his mind and body, it was that omnimous feeling. His mind was rushing with ideals of what this could be, Sean had the habit of watching hentai and other per your stuff, but this situation was beyond his control. Collecting himself, organizing his thoughts and composure he persevered. Looking at the room labeled bf #25. He opened the door. “Mistress your finally here” John commented, the room was dark, Sean turned on the light, he was greeted by a naked man.

Sean was observing the man strapped to the bed, his anus had a machine that seemed to be spreading his anus apart. The low humming of the machine began “ OH FUCK. MY ASS!” The man screamed as his anus was being spread apart, Sean reached and yanked the machine out, “Thank you for your mercy Mistre-“ Sean walked up seeing the guy making direct contact with him. John facial expression changed, his mind racing to the one conclusion, of the fury Mitsuki would have against him. He wish he was dying at this particular moment. “Your not supposed to be here. Leave man before it’s too late.”

Hanade looked back at Mitsuki, she turned suddenly hearing a faint scream “I think John’s calling...” she spoke in a joking manner. Mitsuki laughed at her little sisters joke. “Yeah.... he-“ she shot up suddenly, remembering Sean was inside, she was so caught up in the conversation with Hanade, she forgot about Sean. “NO PLEASE NO!” She exclaimed as her heart began to race, adrenaline pumped through her body, “Sean honey!!” She called as she ran inside, Hanade tailed Mitsuki, opening the door to Sean’s room, panting she realized he wasn’t there. Hanade called Mitsuki from the other room. She ran to find her secret staircase was open.

“Sean stay out of my stuff!” She called in a soft hearted tone, trying to call to him. Hanade went down the stairs, the lights were already on and all the doors were open, trials of slime and other materials from, her subjects had escaped. “The secret escape she had built into the house as an emergency... Sean..” she called as her and Hanade split up. Mitsuki finally, came across the body of her baby brother, laying on the ground, covered in slime his clothes were rip and torn apart. He was naked, Mitsuki fell to her knees, tears began to stream down her cheeks, “Sean honey get up!” Hanade came over and helped her with Sean. The girls, picked him up between the 2 of them and washed his body and brought him up stairs to his room, and laid him on his bed, Mitsuki sat by his bedside, Hanade went to go clean the mess left behind by Mitsuki’s subjects. Mitsuki stayed by him until he awoke.

-“So what happened to him?”- Miss Blackfire asked, noticing Mitsuki probably wanted to keep those particular details to herself.
-“He won’t talk about it, he just looks at me with this look of hatred.... I know he is interested in this school... I wish to join mainly for that reason, I want to keep an eye on him... and also, take revenge.. and fuck the brains out of every person that raped my brother...” Mitsuki’s eyes were glowing, it was the raw emotion, she was showing Miss Blackfire, she did not plan to be this open with no one else. “My baby brother may open up to you, or if he opens up to someone please notify me..” she made her request. Miss Blackfire nodded understandingly.

Miss Blackfire stood up “Thank you so much for coming, I will definitely take your application under review and notify you offer decision” she smiled brightly, as the ladies shook hands, Mitsuki took a bow anda left.

Miss Blackfire looked over the file she presented “she truly is an outstanding individual, these school applications are becoming more and more interesting, 2018 is going to be a hell of a year.” She smiled looking out the window in the distance Mitsuki walked back towards her car to head back home.
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The interview
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