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 Brave Frontier General Guide

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PostSubject: Brave Frontier General Guide   Brave Frontier General Guide Icon_minitimeWed Aug 30, 2017 4:44 am

So basically the game has changed a lot. For proper composition, there are some changes to be aware off. First of all

Leader skills: They have changed, these are some examples use depending on your need or boss battle.

Mono squad: such as all 5 units in one squad are 1 element.

Rainbow: You are required to have 5 different elements in order to activate the specific leader skill

BB gauge reduction, and effect of burst crystals, it makes it easier to refill brave burst gauges.

Damage reduction from specific elements, or from any element.

Crit damage/ crit damage refills bb gauge
Crit damage, element based damage, Spark damage boost
Spark damage increases and refills bb gauge are examples of having leads that increase damage output and make it easier to refill gauge.

I've included screenshots, there pretty much self explanatory, but to summarize a few new elements:

Breakdown Game Mechanics:

Status Ailments upon attack: These are buffs that say when you attack theres a preset chance (usually low 10% chance) of inflicting that specific status, however, if the enemy NEGATES then it will not matter nothing will happen.

Status Ailment infliction upon BEING ATTACKED this is a bit different, when bosses, attack you. they will recieve ANY status ailment they are weak against and return, (usually requires multiple attacks to inflict.)

Bb gauge refill: Refills your gauge per turn, for a preset 4-7 bc, usually last 3 turns

Bb gauge cost reduction by -30%This is more for HIGH cost on BB vauge, using the guide for example, Theres a unit called Kajah. in his 6* he needs 70 crystals, or Tilith, needs 130 something. This skill can cut that requirement. to make it easier for units that have such a high cost much easier.

ATK/DEF/REC buff- they come in different intensities, example Lancia buffs like 70% attack, but red axe michlle, increases by 140%(best for now) its important to research how strong the buff is for the party.

Note:* Some units only buff themselves, Like Karl, Reeze.

Conversion Buffs (New Mechanic, along with stacking buffs) To explain this half, heres how it goes. First of all some of the buff will say, They convert Attack into or to Def, Now it means that it will take a certain ammount of your attack and add it to your defense.

Example: A unit has an Atk of 1,000 and you have unit that does 50% atk into DEF,

Now the unit defense is 500.

after the buff it will be this. The unit ATK will be 1,000 but 50% of 1,000 is 500, So 500Def+ 500 (Conversion buff of ATK INTO DEFENSE) = 1,000 Def.
now your unit has 1,000 ATK and 1,000 Def.

Another note for Conversion, This type of buff can Stack with others ATK buff.

to simplify it. If you have an attack Buffer, Lancia (70% atk for your party.) and there's another unit that converts REC/ DEF into ATK) Both BUFFS Will combine to further damage output.

Numerical Example.

Lava has 1,000 atk, Lancia does buff, Alice does buff.

Lava 1,000 atk+ 700 from Lancia + 800 From Alice, conversion, of Recovery stat into attack = Lavas final atk stat will be 2,500 it makes a big difference.

Now here's a penalty.

If you have Lancia 70% atk buff, and you also have red axe michelle who gives (140% atk buff) THE LAST UNIT YOU ACTIVATED WILL BE THE BUFF THAT GETS USED.

Let's look at this, in a numerical form,

Lava ATK is 1,000 + (700 from Lancia) = 1,700 atk final buff

in case you use Michlle and Lancias

1,000atk (lava base atk), +700 (lancia) + 1,400 (140% Michelle)= 2,400 Lava new attack. Lancias buff will be cancelled, because the game DOES NOT stack buff of the same kind!

Conversion buffs are considered a SEPERATE Catergory, so take advantage of having a unit that has conversion buffs, SAME rule will apply if you have people that have a simillar effect, the LAST person you used, is the buff your party will get.

One last note concerning, Conversion buffs, the percentage of conversion matters I believe it is 30%, 60%, 80% to 100% (usually on Ultimate Brave burst or UBB 7)

Things to note, about changes in the game:

Debuffs that tougher bosses will inflict on you, or buff themselves

Natural resistance: Some bosses have natural resistance that comes Pre-build for them, so before you start randomly fighting any boss, make sure you do your research.

Example: Trial x 3 xie jing

She had a base chance of casting, 705 curse, and 90% poison, aside from a damage from crit hits reduction and also resisted light damage, even though it's her weakness, the bonus damage will not be high. (Stats and percentages are inaccurate but their just for example purposes)

ATK/DEF/REC debuff: This particular debuff is not cured by negate status ailments, the unit that can counter this, MUST specify Blocks, or negates ATK, DEF, REC down.

Burst/ Heart crystal resistance: In this particular case, some bosses, have a pre resistance, to BC drop or Hc, drop, with this debuff, they completely negate the drops of HC and BC, so BB refill on hit and HOT heals is HIGHLY recommended due to the necessity of surviving the battle.

Elemental base damage resistance: This one is particularly tricky, reason being because Brave Frontier, has introduced units (Shida 6, Quaid 7, Ciara, Krantz 7, Grah 5 or 6) they can add elemental buffs, to your units attack, like in the pictures, it is to eliminate the damage resistance, but even with that awesome mechanic to help your units, some bosses, resist or completely negate it. All together.

Angel Idol Buff: Exactly as it sounds, after eliminating the boss they will respawn with a preset amount of hp. so it is very important to be careful, usually enemies follow up with a nasty Nuke or AOE attack.

Leader Skill Lock (10 turns or 999 preset time): One of the more annoying debuff, is the fact that when you take time out to build a squad around specific buffs, or stats advantages, they will completely eliminate them, making squad building a little more tricky, (Quest bosses, and some trial bosses do it). If i forgot anything I will speak on it.

Extra Skills (only applicable to 7): this part is pretty simple, after a 7 unit reaches, SBB levle 10, they get an ES (Extra skill) each one is unique, and all extra skills are always of effect regardless of leader skills, and canot be debuffed or removed
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Brave Frontier General Guide
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