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 Overcoming A Loss

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PostSubject: Overcoming A Loss    Overcoming A Loss  Icon_minitimeSat Jul 15, 2017 2:38 am

Overcoming A Loss  976]
"Ichigo......Ichigo.... It's Time for school" Her voice was soft, she sighed as her steps came closer, Ichigo slowly opened his eyes, *Was that a dream?* he asked himself as his brown eyes scanned the room, the bland desk in the corner, the fan spinning on the roof barely blowing air, dark clouds decorated the skies, water was crashing against the window making a small patting sounds against the glass. Looking over the marked date June 17th circled in red, looking over his shoulder as he laid in bed. Memories flashing in his mind of the moment before he slashed that hollow in half, the sensation of her body against his, the weight, the softness of her skin, her hair, her eyes, her body complexion, her final moments alive are imprinted into his mind. Those moments of hesitation, his body standing there frozen unable to move. His breathing was shallow as he looked towards the ceiling of his room, everything had faded like nothing existed, he was just floating in a dark void of darkness swallowed up by emotions of guilt and hate, this day felt like a hell sentence.

Renji knew exactly what day it was June 17th, the day Ichigo lost his mother someone very important to him and his family, she had been gone for awhile now, yet Ichigo clearly had not recovered emotionaly, every year his symptoms got worse and worse, his character slowly but surely was cleaely becoming fractured and unstabble, it was time Ichigo got resolution in the only way Renji knew how...
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Overcoming A Loss
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