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 Dream I had awhioe back

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Dream I had awhioe back Empty
PostSubject: Dream I had awhioe back   Dream I had awhioe back Icon_minitimeTue Apr 18, 2017 6:52 am

Dream I had which I will turn into a story... enjoy..

Pushing the white door to the side, I entered a classroom, dressed in my usual black dress pants, white shirt, black tie, something common in this private school I was attending. at the tender age of 10, there were 4 rows of tables and chairs, I conveniently sat in the back row, partialy not wanting to deal with the students the less I gotta deal with them the better. Everything seemed to progress normaly, the teaher was dull in his methods of presenting the Japanese language, almost carelessly swinging the chalk around. I truly believed the man was in his own world.

Hearing the wide door swing open, my brown eyes surveyed the person entering, She was around 9 years old, her hair was a gorgeous shade of black, her skin a tanned caramel colored, her smile could light up the room *Oh God am I in love? I dont even know her!* as I panicked she came closer smiling. She sat in the seat next to mine, I could feel my heartbeat racing "Gokideyo!" (Good morning!) *Oh NO her voice is so soft and captivating. I CANT FALL FOR HER!* I took a breath my mouth opened trying to suck in whatever air was left.. "Whats your name?" I questioned in a Rico Suave sort of tone. I had 1 chance to make it work and I was NOT about to fuck this up!

Girl:" My name is Iris"

Me:"Iris huh? t- t- that's a pretty name" *DID I JUST FUCKING STUTTER, SHE'S 9, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MAN!!*

Me:"Im Hajime Sean, its a pleasure to meet you" My hand reached out to touch hers and for the briefest of moments we touched, I felt a fire in my soul, a burning desire and adventure. I could hear bells.

My brother:"Hey DUVKWEED LETS GO!! AHOU!!"

Suddenly my moment with her was shattered, I could feel a slight glint of rage in my emotions. Standing up I took my bow and left her, Quietly I followed the asshole of a brother of mine, down a couple of alleyways to go home , *I wanted my sister to come pick me up, why'd they send this jackass!*

I complained on my whole walk home thinking of ways to get payback for this treason, of shamming me infront of a girl I...loved... OH No...

As he slid the glass door to the side to open it my mother (Older Japanese lady). She sat at the table. Placing my bookbag to the side I smiled.

Mitsuki:"Is that my baby brother?"

Sean:" Mitsuki Nechan!!!" I almost ran towards but instead she ran towards me.

(Before we contiue a brief description of mitsuki, she is about 5'4 light skin, she's about 25 in my dream, the oldest in the family. She is a full time model. She has OTHER jobs, her character, she is sweet, kind of a caring sister. And has a butt like Kim kardashian but somewhat flatchested... Okay back we go)

Wearing a white flowing dress that wrapped around the curves of her body, I couldnt stop staring at Mitsuki, I know for a fact I had a crush on her. I really admired her, and her Assets. She wrapped her arms around me. as mines wrapped around her waist and actualy groped her butt. I could feel the quick but sudden sting of shame, like a cylinder block had been dropped on my head, My caramel colored face turned a deep shade of red. I pulled away and sat at a chair by the table in the dining area. That awkward smile that came over her face, the blush of mitsuki's cheeks, I knew what it was, I recognized it. She knew I was tarting to mature and I was going to eventualy LIKE certain features of a girl. But that look in her eyes. the light shimmering, almost as if she was enjoying it. She knew just as well as I, that kind of sibling love was forbidden, but somewhere deep inside I questioned wether or not she would cross that line, it was that mysterious side to my sister Mitsuki one that I could never explain into words but I could feel and sense just the same way I felt ashame, but there was no doubt about it. It was there...

Hanade:" Oh your home.." She spoke almost in a disgusted tone

Sean:"Well hello to you too. Hanade One sama!"

(Pause yet again, Okay.. to explain Hanade *Barfing expression* Lets start with her looks, Hanade, first has huge MELONS, she skinny like mitsuki, however, she dyed her hair blonde so other people can tell them apart. I honestly dont see how people can get Hanade and Mitsuki. Hanade is that one tomboyish bitch!who always picks on you and tortures you over not doing your homework but refuses to help- She' s 23 by the way!

*Takes deep breath* Okay. just think of the grinch! Okay...Okay...)

Although I stared at Hanade's breast more often than not, it is that disinct sensation of I CANT FUCKING STAND HER!!That makes her appearance in our home less than desired or even appreciated.

Pushing passed her without a word, and going to my room, I slammed the door. Some time passed and later on that night, I began to have some uneasy feelings, of torment, loneliness, sadness and even darkness.

Feeling the anxiety and stress of my body, I opened my door and knocked on the first door I saw. the door swung open, as a wide eyes Hanade looked at me. For a brief moment she knew what was going to cum out of my mouth, before I could even say it I walked inside and she closed the door. With a sigh she layed down in bed next to me.

Hanade:"So whats wrong?"

Sean:" I don't know I feel, scared, anxcious, afraid and even unsettled"

Hanade:"Whats the cause of it "

Sean:"Her name is Iris"

Hanade chuckled and almost laughed, I shot daggers with my eyes at her. *How dar eshe laugh at my predicament*

Sean:"Whats so funny I spoke in a menacing tone"

Before she could answer, Mitsuki entered quietly,

Mitsuki:"Whats all the laughter about?" She spoke she did not seem sleepy at all.

Hanade:"Sean here has his first crush!"


Mitsuki giggled:"Aww.. Come here!" She laid in bed next to me, her hands gently touched my head, as she brings me closer and places my head in her lap. Carresing my hair gently as I look up at her.

Mitsuki:"You know. I love you baby brother, but if things dont work out we will be here for you" She leaned gently placing a soft kiss on my forehead, a blush cover my face again.

Hanade:"Yeah if she does anything to you, I will personaly beat her butt!"

I glare at Hanade, I did not appreciate the statement.

Mitsuki chuckled, seeing our interactions have not change in years, by her count.

Mitsuki smiled as she patted my forehead gently, to get my attetion.

Mitsuki:"You know Sean, as your older sister, I am here to support and help you grow. but you nust understand, maybe your having a premonition of whats to come like a warning,"

Hanade nodded in complete agreement, but to me there is just that one nagging feeling, at moments like these,

Sean:* Mitsuki ne chan? How did you know what I am going through"

Mitsuki:"Call it a sister's premonition.." She spoke with a warm smile. I fell aslseep along with my sisters

The very next day I went back to school, thanks to my sister Mitsuki's words they helped more than anything. I could finaly muster the courage to see Iris. As my day seemed to fly by. I had obtained knowledge of Iris birthday, I also had asked Iris, for her cell # Oh yeah things were lookig up my life could.not be better.

Going back home. time seemed to be passing by faster than usual things seemed to be different. As the days went one. I realized there had been a change, I could feel loneliness build, wonder began to rack my mind, *WHERE IS IRIS!?" I asked myself. I wasnt interested in any other girl but her.

(Time Skip)

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, Months turned into years. Yes the question remained engraved in my mind, *WHERE IS IRIS* Years had gone by since I had seen her. She was like an old flame, a thing of the past.

Walking dowm my usual path to class, as I walked I began to get a severe head ache,

Iris(Static voice:"SEANNN!!!!!!!

Her scream almost made me dead, as my mind was, being down loaded with information, I could see flashing images in my mind. Her years of suffering under somekind of laboratory beneath the school.

Sean:"One chan!!Taskete!!" I had made the phone call without thinking about it.



Mitsuki:"Sean...... Sean!"She spoke as she left her current photo shoot.


The words slowly registered in my brain. Mitsuki a evil person. Yet the images where undeniable. I could feel pain in my hear and lost consciousness...

I awoke to mitsuki olacing some sort of device inside my ear, I could hear a recording of what I had endured being replayed. I had never imagine such technology being available. My eyes slowly came too. as Mitsuki had somewhat of a emotionless stare.

Sean:"Mitsuki nee.... what did you do to Iris?"

Mitsuki: "I did what had to be done, I needed a subject for my experiments with hanade... so we just took away your love interest.."

Her words mustered the hatred inside my heart, all the time I wish I could've spent with Iris gone. Her memories flashing through my mind.

Sean: " I'm glad you feel that way.... Because she got away.."

Mitsuki smiled, her once happy demeanor changed, I finaly saw the full extent of the side that was once a mystery. Slowly leaning closer towards me, I could no longer see her face, her hand suddenly grasped my throat as I felt her hand begining to choke me.

Mitsuki:"Darling brother of mine, you have grown into a wonderful young man, but it is time for your nap....."

I could feel air leaving my lungs as everything slowly went dark....
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Dream I had awhioe back
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