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Side Inspiration chapters by Gxraider

Chapter XXX: "I'm Your...."

"OHH YESS!" his voice echoed through the room, breaking the silence, the sucking motion was entering his ears, every nerve in his body tingling at the sensation of her tongue, she was licking every vulnerable point he had on his penis. "Shit slow...!" He could not bring himself to talk as he suddenly lost his words, the blonde that was giving him the best blowjob of his life. The older man was laying back enjoying the feeling. As he felt his climax approaching and shoot off a hot load of cum which she gladly recieved into her mouth. and proceeded to quietly swallow. Her blue eyes making contact with his. her skin gleaming with a coat of sweat. her soft pink lips smiling as she brushed her tongue over his juices. She stood to her feet, as her Double D twins greeted his sight. Her soft white globes centered around the lovely pink skin and yhe soft rock hard nipple. Where his tongue had pleased her. "Now just to be clear, For the rest of the semester I will get straight A's.. or your wife will find out what I do with her husband got it?" He quietly nodded.

She bent over in plain view and began to get dressed to go back to her other classes, now that lunch period was over. Wearing a short black skirt, a white shirt and a black vest from the school, some random thong for the boys. Although she was young, she had sex with countless men and students. She was the school slut, and she wore that name proudly. The boys usually fought over her, well for her sexual attention more than anything.

She was fixing her hair and puttting it up with a clip into a ponytail that went to her neck. " Now onto...." she went to speak as she encountered a teen, she did not like. "Sean what do you want I' m busy" She glared pusposely "I WANT A CHANCE!!" He growled as he followed her to the next floor underground. It was a long road, that these two would have. "I wont give it to you because you are my.." She went to finish her sentence but instead she continued to walk he rbest to ignore him

Sean walked by the school roooftop, pacing by he noticed Catherine standing on the edge holding her skirt down. "Hey.." She smiled as he came over he looked her body over. "Came to talk or just stare at my body."

Jack who was Seans friend walked by. "Hey man whats up?" he spoke as he walked closer to Sean than to Catherine. "Bro I got the goods." He smiled as he flipped his phone open, Catherine having a bad feeling snatched it from his hand, slapping him across the face as she did. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU. I DON'T WANT HIM SEEING ANYTHING....NOT A THING..." she growled deleting all the photos including her phone numbers, and photo. "tell you what jack, this is the last time you will talk to me got it." she handed him his phone and smiled at Sean.

Sean glared what was with Catherine, he knew he had feelings for her. They came from the deepest part of his heart. He had to know why, everytime he tried looking up her skirt or check her out, she would cover up as if she could feel him. Sean walked passed Jack, as Jack left them both swearing. Sean grabbed Catherines hand tugging at it instinctevly she turned and swung her hand will a loud resonating SLAP across the face, suddenly she gasped

Catherine:"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were Jack"

Sean:"Its okay, Actually I want to ask you something"

Catherine nodded although she knew what he was going to ask.

Sean took a breath as he looked into her deep blue eyes. "I really like thas not right..Catherine I love you-"

Catherine heard was taken aback by those words she loved him more than he could ever imagine, but the love that he thought of and the love she had for him are 2 completely different things.

Sean:"Please be my girlfriend!"

Catherine shook her head. she could feel a ball in her throat as her eyes began to release tears as it was hurting internally that she had to break his heart to protect him.

Catherine:"Sean I love you more than you'll ever know... but I can't be with you.... I can't as much as I want to be with you."

Sean:" Why not we could be perfect together."

Catherine lean forward and kissed his cheek gently, the soft gentle kiss sent a shock to Seans mind. h cringed slightly. as he pulled away from her.

Catherine looked into his eyes as she touched his cheek.

Catherine:"Sean.... honey... do you remember who I am?"

Sean couldn't answer her question. Why was he drawing a blank, he knew she was the hottest girl in school, was she supposed to be more than just that? He shook his head.

Sean:"You're Catherine the hottest girl in school"

Catherine shook her head and almost laughed. "Tell you what when you do know who I am, Then you can have me.." she spoke smiling as she left quietly.

*I hope that day never comes, if it does I dont think I can deal with you being broken again*

Sean watched her walk away as her hips swaye. Sean couldn't take his eyes of her. What was so captivating about her, yet this uneasy feeling was not going away, he touched his cheek as he went behind her, but instead of talking to her he went passed her. She motion forward about to stop him seeing the look on his face, she quietly observed as she sighed as he left her on the rooftop "He'll get over it." She reminded herself. As much as she hated it she could not allow herself to get wrapped up in the emotions of things.

Jack walked passed Lucas who was sitting down having lunch under a tree. "What's up Jack?" He asked noticing the hand mark all over his cheek. "Nothing the school slut feels like having morals now." He spoke ill of Catherine. "Why are you so pissed ?" Lucas asked sipping his drink. " Its fine, if I cant get none. then lets make sure Sean gets some " Jack smiled, now that he thought about it Sean had never had sex before.

A cute redhead walked by. her slim figure hugged by the school uniform, her blue looking around the courtyard as she passed by Lucas and Jack "Hey Jack..." She spoke licking her lips gently. Jack grinned at his idea. "Elizabeth... Mind doing something for me?" The girl grinned walking over to Lucas and winking at him. "Anything for you Jack" He grinned as he whispered in her ear. "Ohh Thats a first, I dont mind but if I do, I dont think he will want another girl. I mean I don't mind, but.. you know, a girl can only take so much attention right Lucas.." He blushed sipping his drink without a word. "Considerate done Jack, where is Sean?" Jack simply pointed to the school roof. Elizabeth smiled loosening her school vest and unbuttoning the area around her cleavage. "I'll see you guys later." She spoke.

"Soo Lucas, you and Elizabeth still together, I dont know how you do it man." Jack commented. Lucas nodded "Its fine were both on understanding terms I let her sleep with whomever but she comes home to me ." He spoke.

Elizabeth walked the halls as she went up to the roof and found Sean sitting on the stairs. "Hey Sean." He acknowledged her presence and smiled. "Hey Elizabeth whats up?" She came closer and spread his legs apart. "Well were gonna have sex." She spoke with a grin as she started touching the zipper and bringing it down with her teeth. "NO NO NO ELIZABETH NO!" he almost freaked as he went to pull back. Catherine heard Sean's cry and ran into the school opening the door seeing Sean. suddenly her blue eyes stopped upon Sean open zipper and very awake penis. "Catherine this isnt what it looks like."

Elizabeth leaned upward and exposed her breast. 'Come Sean lets play!" she grinned taking his hand. Seam went to pull back, befofe he knew it. he saw an incoming kick and impacted Elizabeth face sending her down the stairs and against the wall. "What the fuck!!" Sean exclaimed as he saw Catherine kick Elizabeth off. " Didnt you hear him he said NO!" Catherine glared at Elizabeth turning back to Sean. "Don't you dare look up my skirt, I will gauge your eyes out.." She spoke with a cold stare before she went towards Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was on her feet. after she had fully recovered. "Well we cam have a threesome if you want, no need to be jealous.." She commented. Catherine shook her head. "No were not doing anything and your not doing anything to him.." She spoke as she took a fighting pose. Elizabeth grinned. "I've been meaning to kick you ass, after I'm done I'm gonna fuck you, and then fuck Sean..!" Catherine glared. its about to be a nasty girl fight
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