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 Sean Smith (W.I.P)

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Sean Smith

Sean Smith

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PostSubject: Sean Smith (W.I.P)   Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:29 am

Name: Sean Smith

Group: Whitelighter/ Darklighter

Power: Good Powers Locked when fueled by dark emotions
Healing - The ability to heal injuries and diseases of others, unless that person is evil or has already died
Orbing - The ability to teleport through use of blue and white orbs
Orb Shield - A form of force field; the ability to create a protective bubble from orbs
Telekinetic Orbing - The ability to orb things to you or to your target
Remote Orbing - The ability to send another person to a specific location instead of having to orb with them

          Evil Powers Locked when fueled by good emotions

Black Orbing - A dark form of Orbing used by Darklighters
Dark Cloaking - The ability to hide one's activities from good beings
Advanced Fire Throwing - The ability to shoot a beam of highly concentrated, torch-like fire
Fire Balls - The ability to generate balls of fire
Necrokinesis - The ability to cause instant death ONLY USED WHEN ABOUT TO DIE AS A FINAL BLOW (Final Obliteration)

Age: 14

Personality: He's quiet for the most part and tries to keep to himself, he observes others around him and tries to blend in with them to not draw attention to himself, he tries to handle things alone and not get help from anyone, can be hard headed and stubborn at times. He is a strategist by nature, most of the time he is behind the scenes observing and learning, rathen than being active and in the mix of things and activities

Picture and Face Claim: Corbin Bleu

History: November 11th 1989  8:00 pm (EST)

(Sean's Mother) (Sean's Father)

A blonde haired woman sat inside her car, while she fixed her black eyeliner after a long photo shoot. Being a full time mom and part time model was not easy, trying to keep a good schedule while raising a 6 year old son was bad enough as it was, she felt like there wasn't enough hours in a day to do some of the regular things she considered to be part of her daily life prior to becoming a model. Samantha sighed as she stared into the rear view mirror of her car, looking back at her own blue eyes,  " Come on girl, you finally have some time to spend with the family.. and make my baby happy." She smiled to herself reassuringly, reaching for her pocketbook, and her keys were removed from the ignition, looking at her long white dress, which exposed her cleavage a bit too much for her taste, "I know the guys at work got their eye candy fill" She joked with herself letting off a small chuckle as she found the thought a bit amusing. taking a hold of the handle with her left hand she opened the door and proceeded out of the car. She closed the car door behind her and pressed the button on the key ring for the car to beep and lock setting up the intruder alarm. Looking around her 2 floor home she saw the lights on in the living room area. " It's 8pm, Sean should be in bed!"  She growled at the babysitter spoiling her son.

She picked up the pace and made haste for the front door slipping her keys into the lock, unlocking it with a quick twist of the wrist, she pushed the door open and stepped inside, setting her shoes of by the entrance. " ANA!!! We need to have a talk!" She stormed her way, hearing her son giggles in the distance, it brought a smile to her face, although she was still upset. She surveyed the living room, as it came into the view of her blue eyes, instead of Ana she found a manly figure, a brown skinned man sitting on her couch watching t.v. with Sean in his lap, her heart dropped to her feet, as the man whom she was looking at was the last person on earth she ever wanted to see again.

Sean sat on his fathers lap, wearing what seemed to be 2 golden rings on her sons wrist she's never seen them before, her mother's intuition told her that those bracelets were a bribe of some sort for her son to like his father once again. She took a breath before speaking, [b]"Sean sweetie? can you go upstairs honey?"

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Sean Smith (W.I.P)
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