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 Segrain Diamond

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PostSubject: Segrain Diamond   Segrain Diamond Icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2014 1:53 am

Your name: (your real life name)Ahamed Ali (Not good at spelling urdu names in english)

Your age: (your real life age)16

Your gender: (male/female boy/girl)Male

Your timezone: (the timezone you are in)(UTC+05:00) Islamabad, Karachi

Your location: (country you live in)Pakistan

Name: (Your character's name, either First,Last, or Both, it doesn't matter)Segrain Diamond

Group: (Warlock)

Power: Power Absorption -Segrain can absorb a person power after he has killed them.
Aerokinesis: Has the ability to manipulate wind, Segrain can use it to fly and in defense and offensive ways. He can make the oxygen iin fire to make it combust causing a explosion type of shock wave which cause damage to his enemies

Age: (Please try to make this match what you plan on doing, we can't have 67 year old hanging out at P3 for instance)15

Personality: (How does you character act) Segrain before finding out about his heritage was a mischievous boy, who felt no shame or guilt in anything and liked to pull pranks,although he never got caught. He is also a very good actor. After finding out about his heritage some time later he became manipulative and always tries to increase his control on his powers as he is also perceptive and tries to find people with useful power. Segrain tries to act like the person friend only to make killing them that much easier. He usually has a facade of being a happy high school teen as he acts to be kind,understanding,and playful.But in truth he is cold hearted and dark calculating, as he always tries to make solid proof plans before attempting to kill a person so the body won,t be found and their for no body would be on to him.

Picture and Face Claim: ( a photo of your charatcher and the name of the actor/actress)

History: (a few lines about your charatcher his/her history.)When Segrain was about 13 years old his power first began to manifest itself, Segrain accidentally in panic or in emotion based accidentally used his windbased powers.His parents soon found out about this,so they decided to tell him about his hertiage and about him being a warlock. At first Segrain was shocked but warmed up to the idea of having powers. Segrain was soon told about the light counterparts witches and their relationship with Warlock and that Warlock kill witches for various reasons such as taking their powers or having a dislike for them. Later on his parents told Segrain him about the academy which trains magical beings like himself. It was called Ludlow,s Demonic training academy. Although his parents wanted to test something out so they told Segrain"If your able to kill a witch we will help you find it". Segrain later on befriended a witch with a regeneration ability Segrain at the age of 15 excuted his plan to kill the female witch. It worked out perfectly and the body peiceies were hidden in several secert locations that his parents don,t know about unknown to him he had obsorbed the witch power only for his parents to tell him that later when they found the academy and Segrain got injuried to kill a guard. Although he was healed by the regeneration ability.Recently Segrain got accepted into the academy.

Rp Sample: (I am assuming that it doesn,t have to be related to the show so I am gonna write a bleach rp.) allowed his right hand to quickly reach downwards for the sheath of his wooden bokken. A gentle smile that held nothing other than a pure pulse of malevolent energy escaped from the edge of Dovian's pale, pink lips. He allowed his chest to expand outwards as a cool breath of air swept into the barren caves that were his lungs. One, two, three. . He breathed out, expelling the air and allowing it to return into the surrounding scenario. No doubt was his breath alone toxic. His heart, his soul. Every ounce of it held a slight disgust within it's deep reaches.

Dovian shook his head gently as the grip he held upon his bokken tightened. He quickly pulled upwards, allowing a deadly slice of air to expand outwards in a slick motion. His blade danced in the air, it's blunt edge grazing the air as his wrist flicked from side to side.

Dovian nodded gently, allowing his eyes to rest upon the object before his very eyes. A simple tree, nothing special about it, however, it was his goal to completely annihilate the said tree, using a spare part of it's soul. The simple wooden bokken. It's family, if you must.

With that, Dovian reached outwards, sending a sharp stab towards the center of the bark, covered creature, the bokken itself vibrating from the simple effect of the attack. His next motion was similar, however, it was stationed within a horizontal position, a side ways stab. A technique that wasn't very common, however, it was great for launching an additional counter attack.

He paused for a second, allowing his body to take in another deep breath. With a gentle nod, he allowed his bokken to rise up once more as he prepared for an additional barrage of strikes.

(Ok I am on season 1 ep7 of charm so I am not clear on there will be problems in the profile.)
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Segrain Diamond
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