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 Arthurian Scavenger Hunt - Two Scenes in the Granger Hall Magical Library

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PostSubject: Arthurian Scavenger Hunt - Two Scenes in the Granger Hall Magical Library   Sat May 31, 2014 11:13 pm

There are two scenes going on in the Granger Hall Magical Library.

Primary Scene

Remy and Faye are working on getting information to find a list of Arthurian Relics. They are part of a Set. Faye and Remy are with 3 Magical Dogs. One is Black (Death), One is Red (War), and the last is Green (Omen of Magic)

In the Future, there are assassins coming after the child in Utero. She was sent back to the past to protect that child. Assassins will come to this time period. "The Once and Future King" needs a specific weapons to defeat the enemies in that time. He can not fight that enemy, look for the weapons, and protect this pregnant woman. By putting together this set of weapons, she can stop that future from happening in that manner.

Caledfwich (Excalibur) - War Sword of the Once and Future King (Wyatt has it)
Clarent - Ceremonial Sword used by the Once and Future King
Carnwennan - Dagger of the Once and Future King (Faye? has it)
Rhongomiant - Spear of the Once and Future King
Wynebgwrthucher - Shield of the Once and Future King (It is in a Box with Halloween Costumes. US Agent Costume that John's Dad had, unknowingly used this Priceless Relic.)
The Scabbard - It is the Sheath of Excalibur (Heals/Enhances Healing the Wielder)
Goswhit - Helm/Crown of the Once and Future King
Wigar - Armor of the Once and Future King

Prydwyn - Ship of the Once and Future King (It is Avalon at the Docks)

Llen Arthyr yng Nghernyw - Cloak of the Once and Future King (Grants user the ability to become invisibility)

Necklace of the Lady - Jeweled Necklace belonging to the Lady of the Lake
Ring of Dispel - Ring belonging to the Lady of the Lake
Merlinian Draegan - Small Flying Dragon, that is the Ring of Merlin (John Walker has it)

When all of these items are gathered together, then the Once and Future King can defeat the enemy in the Future. IE Faye is safe.

Other Items that they may find, probably mislabeled as the ones they are looking for.

Galatine, Green Armor, and Green Sash only work together.
Green Armor, the - The wearer is unaffected by physical injury *** (SIR GAWAIN)
Green Sash - said to protect from swords *** (SIR GAWAIN)
Lancelot's ring - it protects him from magic, and was given to him by the Lady of the Lake ***
Shield of Lancelot - given by Lady of Lake; cures tiredness; triples strength ***
Stone of Giramphiel - Worn by Gawain, protects from dragon fire ***

OOC: All of these Items come from King Arthur Lore.

Secondary Scene

The House is built with Wood of the Faerie Land and Other Unique Magical Places. It actually thinks. Normally, the magic of the house prevents time travelers from different times to use spells. However, this time it did not.

In the Future, Walker allows the Children of the Charmed Ones and their Allies Free Reign in the Basement. There are a lot of them after a couple of Generations. So the Children more adept at spells, tend to cast spells, come back to the past to have privacy in the Library.

An Assassin from the Future is coming for Faye. The House knows that the Assassin is coming. The House allowed individuals to use magic to get there.

So Far we have a few different individuals.

Pegasus Walker (Child of John and Prue Walker) Age 24 (Superspeed)
Wyatt (In the Future) will send Pegasus after a Demon with Superspeed/Temporal Wakes. He was destroying these Relics before Wyatt could get to them. The Combination of their Magic caused them to enter a time warp. They ended up fighting in the House.
Alison Halliwell (Alisha and Kevin's Halliwell's Daughter) Age 15 (Agrokinetic - Vines, Cryokinetic)
She used a spell just to get some Free Space, to read in Private. She wanted to learn about the Charmed Ones in this time period.
Frosti Mitchell (Future Child of Alison Halliwell and Hunter Mitchell) Age 16 (Hydro/Cryokinetic)
He is looking for Records of Other Bear Clans, so he can go looking for them. He wants to Mate one of their Females and expand the genetics of the the two Clans.

Still to Come - Send me a message if you want to join in on this side plot.
Unknown Child of Anne Halliwell and James Thunder
Possibly Another Child of the Forever Charmed Coven - Maybe one of Phoebe and Coops Children


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Arthurian Scavenger Hunt - Two Scenes in the Granger Hall Magical Library
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