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 A Witch's Retreat

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Akiko Irikura


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PostSubject: A Witch's Retreat   Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:56 am

Address: 502 Grand West Blvd

1 bed/1 bath

The apartment complex has a Spanish look to it, with a tan exterior and red tiled roof fitted with solar panels so that the residents’ electric bills aren’t terribly high. There’s an outdoor pool outside as well, along with a lake only a mile down the road where Akiko spends much of her time perfecting her powers as hardly anyone goes there since the incident a year ago.

Akiko lives in a one-bedroom apartment. Her kitchen has a small glass table, a basic refrigerator and stove, a microwave, and oak cabinets. The walls were redone shortly before she moved in, so the entire apartment still looks like new.

Her living room is small, with the only furniture being a love seat, an antique rocking chair, a few potted plants and a 32” LCD TV. Various mystical paintings decorate the apartment, largely handed down to her by her mama. Many of her mama’s belongings were going to be disposed of, but she made sure to take only the things she valued the most: the paintings, the rocking chair, and her mama’s Book of Shadows which Akiko has largely kept untouched due to being afraid of evil coming after her should she actively practice the Craft again.

Her bedroom is slightly larger than the living room with a bathroom attached to it, a queen sized bed fitted with rose-colored sheets, comforter and pillow cases. Her book of shadows sits in a box in her closet, well hidden under a pile of clothing she couldn’t find room to hang.
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A Witch's Retreat
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