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 A journalists lair

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Calvin Nathan Cat

Calvin Nathan Cat

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PostSubject: A journalists lair   Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:03 pm

Address: Remington-Steele-Drive No 7

Number of Rooms: as it is put in german advertisements for appartments: 3 Räume KDBB (3 rooms, kitchen/hall/bathroom/balcony - that means, there are two and one half other rooms for other uses - a living room, a rest-room and a bureau)


Cals appartement is on the 10th floor of the building (address: Remington-Steele-Drive No 7 - some prankster sprayed two zeros before the seven, making the adress Remington-Steele-Drive No. 007) - the building itself has the charme of a plattenbau, and once you enter the appartement of our good journalist you'll find at least some levels of gemütlichkeit.

In the living room, there is a big TV-Set, complete with DVD, Blue-Ray and what-not-player, but you also find bookshelves. Meters of meters of bookshelves - more than enough food for our bookworm. The bookshelves in the living-room contain literature of the sci-fi-genre, as well as Mangas, comics like X-Men, and works of german cabarettists, for example the late, great, Dieter Hildebrandt or the still living Volker Pispers.

In his bureau, there is a computer and again bookshelves, in which you can find his files, articles, some books concerning journalism ("Einführung in den praktischen Journalismus" written by Walter von La Roche - Cal consideres it as one of the basic works concerning the topic).

The restroom contains a big bed and again bookshelves.

The kitchen is rather minimalistic - we have a refrigerator, electric cooker and stuff to prepare the meals, but nothing fancy.

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A journalists lair
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