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 Albion - Needed for Charmed Future (Wyatt's Destiny)

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PostSubject: Albion - Needed for Charmed Future (Wyatt's Destiny)   Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:38 am

Albion (Avalon) and the Isle of Mists

Using Magic to get there, John Walker has the spell, but the Charmed Ones have the magic to get there. (Should be a Minimum Power of Three)

You come up on the shore and make your way down the run down path. The Path leads to a Castle. Vone and Weeds cover the Castle and the Grounds. Animals cover the ground, including Animals from Mythology and Thought Long Extinct, so it is Dangerous Route to the Castle.

Inside the Castle, it appears run down, and the Tapestries are old and the floors are covered in dust close to an inch thick. One of the Biggest Rooms you see is the Throne Room/Banquet Hall.

This will be a safe place for the Children. In a Different Room, behind the Throne Room is a Moot Hall. In that room is a stone round table. There are Heavy Wooden Chairs, and on the back are Swords in Sheaths. Not all of the Chairs have Swords.

Excalibur is Missing (Wyatt has it). Fragarach is Missing (John has it, but it will be passed on to one of his Children).

The Swords that are missing need to be found, but they will go to Wyatt's Knights (His Cousins).


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Albion - Needed for Charmed Future (Wyatt's Destiny)
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