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 Barbas: Demon of Fear

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PostSubject: Barbas: Demon of Fear   Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:07 am

Your name: Jenny

Your age: 19

Your gender: female

Your timezone: CET

Your location: Italy

Name: Barbas

Group: Demon

Power: Barbas is the Demon of Fear thus he has the powers of that kind of demon (list taken from the wiki):
   Astral Projection (taught by Stimple)
   Energy Balls (a power taken from Cole, but he has still this power, in season 7 used it)
   Fear Projection - A powerful ability to project others' fears to reality. It is associated with Fear Amplification.
   Fear Amplification - The ability to find another's greatest fear.
   Immortality (fear always comes back: Phoebe explained to Billie that fears are part of who we are, and can't be erased, just overcome (Kill Billie Vol.1); being that fears are what Barbas feeds off of, since fear always comes back, he might well be able to come back anytime.)
   Voice Manipulation

Age: unknown  

Personality: Barbas is a strange kind of person, he is calm, but when he is angry he screams and can lose his temper, he manipulates others so he has an evil mind and his behaviour reflects that.
He is intelligent and always finds out a way to manipulate people with his contort mind.
Though Barbas knows every others' fears, nobody knows the Barbas' fear.
He could have a consciousness, but he thinks first to himself than to the others, he is egoist, but he hasn't someone to take care of yet so maybe he could behave in another way in that case, but he is evil and this will never change.
He also likes things that symbolize fear.

Picture and Face Claim: Billy Drago


History: (from the wiki)
Originally, he was "bonded" to the Underworld, and could only appear on Earth for twenty-four hours once every thirteen centuries, on Friday 13th. However, if he could kill thirteen unmarried witches before midnight, then he would be able break free of his bonds and walk the Earth for eternity. This later changed, as he started appearing much more frequently, his first banishment to purgatory likely having broken the cycle.

To defeat Barbas, overcoming one's greatest fear is essential. The Charmed Ones managed to vanquish him four times throughout the course of the series, all by overcoming their greatest fears and using spells/potions, though he later found a way to come back and escape from purgatory each of the first three times. The last time we see him being vanquished came with assistance from the Avatars' manipulations, as well as the sisters and Leo hunting him down for helping Gideon target Wyatt.

Rp Sample:
The Purgatory. Again.
I had to stay on this piece of rock to avoid to fall in this volcano.
Perfect. Really.
I I had to find another way to escape from this damned place.
I looked around, there were some demons, but neither of them could help me.
So I tried to use my telepathy...I was doing the same things that I did when the witches banished me here.
It was becoming an habit...indeed I was always successful to escape from the Purgatory.
But...for now...I wasn't able to use my telepathy...I was too tired.
So I closed my eyes, but without sleep, I couldn't sleep or I could fall into the volcano.
I prepared myself to escape from here...again.
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PostSubject: Re: Barbas: Demon of Fear   Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:46 am

Welcome. I hope you get approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Barbas: Demon of Fear   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:05 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Barbas: Demon of Fear   

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Barbas: Demon of Fear
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