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 James Thunder - Alpha Kermode WereBear

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Hunter Mitchell

Hunter Mitchell

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PostSubject: James Thunder - Alpha Kermode WereBear   Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:55 am

Your name: Bear

Your age: 29

Your gender: Male

Your timezone: CST

Your location: USA

Name: James Thunder

Group: Alpha Kermode WereBear/White Lighter

Power: Strength, Regeneration, Shifting (True Bear, Hybrid, and Partial Shift), Super Human Senses, Sensing, and Orbing (Only White Lighter Gift)

Age: (Please try to make this match what you plan on doing, we can't have 67 year olds hanging out at P3 for instance)

Personality: Alpha Male, Protective, Noble

Picture and Face Claim: Ryan Gosling

History: His Mother was an Alpha WereBear (Kermode) and his Father was a Medicine Man. His Paternal Grandfather was a White Lighter who fell in Love with a Medicine Woman. His Mother left the Clan to be with his father. His mother and father conceived him. The Relationship went smooth. She went into labor on a rainy night. His father went to bring her to the Druid (John's Father), blood Brother to the King (Hunter's Father). A Hospital would not be able to handle this kind of birth. The Medicine Man called Big John, and then they headed to his house.

They were driving as fast as they could safely in the Rain. Then they saw him, a man in the road, a dark lighter. James' father tried to stop the car and flipped it. He wrecked the car. He crawled out trying to make sure his wife was okay. The Dark Lighter notched an arrow and shot him in the throat. He did the same to James' Mother. Big John had calculated how long it should have taken them to get there. He went out looking for them. He found them dead. He saw the baby moving inside of the womb. He cut the child out and took him to the Bear King. The Child Grew up an orphan, child of the Clan. He grew up strong and healthy.

He went on the Rohhatz and killed a demon, he did it quickly and efficiently. Several months later, a woman came. She was Alison Halliwell and she became the Ursa of our Clan, she mated the Current Ursus. She blooded into the Clan and her blood brought magic back to the Clan. When Demons attacked, she got injured. He was the closest one to her. He managed to get to her. He carried her back to the king. He started to orb, only 4 feet at first, then 5 feet, and finally 10 and 20 feet. He got her back to the King, who saved her life and made her a True Bear Queen. After the Queen returned to her time, he was named Hodr to the Andarta's Sword Den.

Then a Woman came to the Den again, another Halliwell. Another WereBear tried to declare his intention for her. James fought him and almost lost. The WereBear tried to rape Anne Halliwell. James orbed in and killed him. He explained to Anne what had happened, and then he released her from the obligation to be his mate because she was not Bear.

Rp Sample: (Must be atleast 1-2 paragraphs)

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Kevin Halliwell
Kevin Halliwell

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PostSubject: Re: James Thunder - Alpha Kermode WereBear   Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:44 am

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James Thunder - Alpha Kermode WereBear
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