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 Owner list.

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Kevin Halliwell
Kevin Halliwell

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PostSubject: Owner list.   Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:08 am

Piper: Piper Halliwell, Paige Matthews, Patty Halliwell, Billie Jenkins, Christy Jenkins and Vondela Burke

Kevin: Kevin Halliwell, Leo Wyatt, Henry Mitchell, Coop, Cole Jr., Cole, Raphael and Penny Halliwell

Dena: Alisha Halliwell, Nikki Blade, Phoebe Halliwell and Mark Calaway

Bear: John Walker, Hunter, Kirshin and Daemon

Monique: Remy Donnelly and Anne Halliwell

Zurine: Zurine, Amber Rose and Eilis O'Shane

Talbott: Talbott

Madi: Krestral, Skylara

(please all read this list and if something is wrong, or you are not on it, pm me your real name + your charatchers)

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Owner list.
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