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 Cole Jr. Halliwell/ Turner

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Cole Jr.

Cole Jr.

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PostSubject: Cole Jr. Halliwell/ Turner   Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:57 am

Name: Cole Jr. Halliwell/Turner

Group: Witch/Demon

Power: Demon powers were stripped, Witch powers soon will come.
Witch powers: Power Channeling - The ability to take control of and use the powers of others.
(Cole points out his hand absorbs the power and then channels it back.)

Age: 18

Just like every teenager Cole Jr. is a bit stubborn, but besides that he cares a lot about Phoebe, Cole Sr., Coop and Scarlett
and every other family member.
So he is also very protective.

Picture and Face Claim:
Alex Pettyfer

Cole Halliwell Turner is the son of Phoebe and Cole.
The Seer, did magically took the baby from Phoebe, but when the power of the child was so strong that it caused The Seer's death, the child did not die, like Phoebe believed.
Instead the child's energy continued moving from "host" to host until birth. Then with the aide of magic, the child grew quickly, and now at this present time, a teenager of 18.
His magical aging has been stopped.
All this time after birth, CJ as he is called, has been hidden and protected by Dark Priests.
C J is fully aware that his father was Balthazor / Cole Turner who became The Source and that his mother should have been Phoebe Halliwell, a Charmed One.
But the Dark Priests, hoping to fuel hatred against good magic, especially Charmed Magic, has told C J from the beginning, that Phoebe willingly allowed The Seer to take him from her body, because she did not want to be mother to The Source's heir.
When he met Phoebe everything turned around, CJ became a good demon.
But then when he was captured by Vondela, he turned evil.
Luckily for him Cole Sr. got him out.
Now he is stipped from all of his powers and soon will receive his witch powers.

Rp Sample:
see Kevin Halliwell

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Cole Jr. Halliwell/ Turner
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