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 Zurine Ann Walker (Zee)

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PostSubject: Zurine Ann Walker (Zee)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:15 pm

Name: Zurine Ann Walker (Zee)

av persona- michelle rodriguez

Callsign: Omega

Group: She is apart of a Druid Order. - They are dedicated to protecting magic, magical people, and magical beings.

Alignment: Good

Rank: Druid 3rd Degree

Melissa Warren (Witch) - Descended from the Sister of Melinda Warren
Johnson Walker (Berzerker/Jotun) - Mother was a Carrier for the Jotun Marker. Father was a Carrier of the Berzerker Marker. His Magic allowed him to be both at the same time.

Empathic and Minor Clairavoyance
Enhanced Muscle and Bone Density (Jotun) - Born like this. Helps her heal from muscle and bone damage.
Hunter's Rage (Berzerker) - When triggered she enters a animalistic, hyperkinetic rage. It only happens during combat.

Training and Education:

Age 17 went into the US Army. Became an MP. Assigned to Military Intelligence and become a Human Intelligence Specialist. (Interogator). While in the Military got degrees in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice. At the age of 24, she left the Military to work full time for the Order.

Age: 25

Personality: aggressive, assertive,strong-minded, direct, blunt, obnoxious, thick-skinned, loud-mouthed, independent, ambitious, tough, brassy, masculine, boisterous, and turbulent. All in all she is a Bitch and takes shit from no one. You may not like her, but you cannot ignore her.
Alpha Female, Type A Personality

Zurina was the older Sister of John she had been working for "The Order" since she was 18 years old.
She had been working part time for the order as well as a career in the army at the age 0f 24 she retired to work full time for "The Order"
She was sent to research the "serial killings" of other druids, witches and magical beings. She was teamed up with a "white lighter" Austen.. who ultimatly betrayed her when she learned the truth and who the killer was. She was the last person murderd.
That was where her story should have ended but for some reason her death was brought to the attention "The Elders", She had been marked as a potential "recruit" for the future.. but having said that she had a lot to learn and some of her more rougher traits smoothed out.
So "the elders" debated giving her a 2nd chance.. while in the after life.. time dosent pass, on earth it was 6 whole years..
So Zurina has found herself back in the land of the living and confused. The last she remembers is being killed and know she is back with the things she had on her purpose when she died. She is currently trying to rember her email password and facebook password.

RP Sample..

*Zee had finally tracked the killer to the "A" typical warehouse..back in the day before the company went bust the warehouse was for furniture and house hold goods, but any furniture left was shrouded in sheets.. no air moved in the building and dust lay thick on the ground except for another pair of foot prints leading through the darkness.
The building had been sectioned off into almost rooms with a large corridor running up the middle, from the floor plan offices on one side, merchandise on the other.
She knew that a murder was going to occur.. she had seen it, felt the terror, but didn't know who, how or why. She had seen a figure hanging from a chain her arms tied above her head. Zee knew she had to focus and do her job but something in the back of her mind kept playing on her... This situation was making her uneasy it went against her training.. something wasnt right.. The man who she was suposed to meet Austen should of been out frount.. but he wasnt and she had waited for as long as possible.. but zee wasnt one to sit on her hands and wait.
pushing open a door to an office, zee enterd.. but it was too late she felt the heavy weight of some object strike across her head knocking her out.. the gun spinning out of her hand.

She woke arms chained above her head and she knew..."god damn it"..*was all she said.. then the figgure came into view.. "so much for your training! I almost thought you knew.. but when you came..well it just pushed my plans up further!" Austen gloated. "And I didnt have to lure anybody here.. Miss expert!" *he played with the knife.. twisting it in his hands..* If the look Zee gave him could of killed he would of been charcole "how could you betray the order...why?" Austen just shruged.. "why not!" "he slowly traced the knife down her face drawing blood.. he was going to make the bitch scream.. give her a taste of her own medicine.. He knew all about her and what she had done in the military.. some of it he found most instructive..... but he couldnt make her scream, she was defiant to the end.. and just killed her..

A shrouded figure turned to the other.. their was no time were the where concerned (sorry bad spelling) This was not meant to happen, "The elders" should be made aware of what has happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Zurine Ann Walker (Zee)   Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:40 am

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Zurine Ann Walker (Zee)
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