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 Several Games

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PostSubject: Several Games   Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:06 am

I run all of these Games. However, they are 18 +. You must be 18 Years or Older to Join My Games.

Excelcior - Comic Book. DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, ETC. One World. We call it Universe 187. Even Captain America Occasionally uses the F Word in this Universe. Come Play Your Favorite Super Hero or Super Villian.

Games of Q - Startrek. Q has kidnapped people from Different Races, Timelines, and Time Periods. He wants to play a Game.

Shadow Rider Kassar - World of Gor - Picture Ancient Celtic Herdsmen. FIghting, Drinking, Laughing, Being with Women. Ancient Celtic Pagans at their Finest.

Contact Bear if you are interested in joining. or contact John Walker.
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Several Games
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