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 Raphael Orfeo (Amras)

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Raphael Orfeo

Raphael Orfeo

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PostSubject: Raphael Orfeo (Amras)   Fri May 13, 2011 12:27 am

Name: Raphael Orfeo
Demon Name: Amras
Group: Demon
-Fireballs (the big ones)
-Shimmering with flames
-Acid Secretion (create acid, out of his hands or mouth, and project it out at an enemy)
Age: normally 35 but because he's a demons he hasn't aged since 25.
He looks like on the picture
He lives mostly in the underworld but also goes a lot in the human world.
Amras is a very smart demon, and a great strategist.
He will think before he fight an enemy, but his weakness his, that when you get him angry he let's his guard down.
But he as also a strenght and that one is that it's not easy to get him angry, he can control his anger very well.
Amras started as a lower level demon, but he gained some powers and trained himself in some fighting arts (Savate, Kickboxing, ect.) and has a whole lot of kills on his name, trough that way he became an upper level demon, one feared by most demons.
He is very muscular build, but no human can see he is a cold demon, cause he looks like a sweet guy. It's best to just stay out of his way....

rp: The one from Kevin


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PostSubject: Re: Raphael Orfeo (Amras)   Fri May 13, 2011 6:10 am

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Raphael Orfeo (Amras)
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