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 Peace Tower Lofts (The Loft of Bane Jessup)

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PostSubject: Peace Tower Lofts (The Loft of Bane Jessup)   Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:18 pm

Address: 6120 NW 8th Ave

Number of Rooms: The loft has three rooms other than the kitchen, study living room and den.

It has two bedrooms and one full bedroom made into a Vault.


Upstairs Bedroom


Back Staircase to upstairs bedroom

Third Floor Study Den

Third Floor Vault

Downstairs Living Room

Notes on Loft: The third floor is accessed by the upstairs bedroom, it cannot be accessed unless you use the stairs of the bedroom, the living room has been outfitted with laser beams and silent alarm triggers.

The vault has been outfitted with padded walls and is able to house, imprison or hide persons of interest well since a magic medallion and spell has been placed over it that wards off any and all magic from accessing the vault.

Bane owns the building his loft resides and has restricted the access to its building to himself, since its located in an abandoned were housing and merchant district that houses its own small port the whole district is owned by Bane, the building has been made into a secure fort and has been outfitted with camera' over the majority of the floors, save for his own...he has also converted the last three floors of the thirty floor building into his own private loft apartment, he has installed security measures for both powerful magic and non-magical persons.

Bane inherited the loft building and district from an older relative that owned the area for some time, the older mans will named bane as the sole proprietor and beneficiary of the will, the man bought the area during the depression and never renovated or fixed it, his ownership extended to the port, the districts buildings and one bridge that oversaw the district area itself...upon signing the deed bane renovated and remodeled the peace tower and made his secure loft...he also has road blocks throughout the area so nobody can navigate it easily.

The twenty-sixth floor of the building has been converted into an arms safe house where it houses a whole arsenal of restricted and public weapons military and otherwise, it also holds, stores and houses grenades of all sizes and destructive is also equipped with military and law enforcement grade bullet proof clothes and restricted body armor and uniforms of both military and law enforcement, fire department, medical and emergency response.
This part of the building can only be accessed via keycard and a handful of security measures that include but are not limited to pirated versions of the CIA and Pentagon Cornea and Retna Scans of the persons eye and fingerprint and palm print scans as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Peace Tower Lofts (The Loft of Bane Jessup)   Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:49 am

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PostSubject: Re: Peace Tower Lofts (The Loft of Bane Jessup)   Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:34 am

Thank you piper
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PostSubject: Re: Peace Tower Lofts (The Loft of Bane Jessup)   

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Peace Tower Lofts (The Loft of Bane Jessup)
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